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LockOn‑ Restrict Store Content

Control access to your store and Lock or hide prices products, collections, or specific pages

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  • 19 Reviews
  • Developers: miniOrange
  • Price: Free plan available. Free trial available.
LockOn‑ Restrict Store Content

App highlights:

    • Use directly in Shopify admin

Integrations with:

  • Shopify POS
  • Lock Store with Password
  • B2B/Wholesale Stores
  • Employee only Stores
  • Country Specific Stores
  • Specific Group of Customers

About the LockOn‑ Restrict Store Content

Restrict access to store content, hide prices, products, collections, and pages, from your Store. Customers must log in to see products, pages, etc.; otherwise, your store will be completely locked. You can grant specific customers access to your Store content based on tags, location, product purchase history, etc. Provide secure access to exclusive content with Magic Links. Prevent bots and spammers from accessing your store, placing fake orders, or engaging in other malicious activities.

Key features

  • Hide Products. Hide Collection. Hide Price. Hide Pages. Restrict Product, etc.
  • Lock Store Content based on Customer Tag, Passcode, User's Location, Domain, etc
  • Provide secure access to exclusive content with Magic Links.
  • Grant access to any group of customers by number of orders, money spent, etc.
  • Hide products from any page, e.g., Homepage, Search page, Collection page, etc.

Pricing of LockOn‑ Restrict Store Content




  • Create up to 2 Locks
  • Restrict access to Products, Collections
  • Limit access based on Customer roles/tags
  • Restrict access with a password lock

Starter PLAN

$29 / month


  • Unlimited Locks
  • Restrict Complete Store
  • Customer Profile and Location Criteria
  • Lock/Hide Prices
  • Schedule Recurring Locks

Scale Plan

$49 / month


  • Automatic Discounts based on Customer Tags or Product Quantity
  • Configure session timeout
  • Magic Links
  • Support for Metafields Lock Criteria
Install from Shopify appstore

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