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BM: Country blocker IP blocker

Block unwanted visitors via email/name/phone, Block country/city/IP, Block bots who use proxy or VPN

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BM: Country blocker IP blocker
  • BM: Country blocker IP blocker Screenshot
  • BM: Country blocker IP blocker Screenshot

Integrations with:

  • Fraud Filter
  • Visitor Analytics Report
  • Block email/phone number/name
  • Country blocker/IP blocker
  • Bot/VPN/ISP/Referrer Blocker

About the BM: Country blocker IP blocker

A powerful prevention App that stops unwanted visitors from accessing your store. Block unwanted customers from visiting your store before they place an order Country/State/City & IPs/IP Range Blocking & Redirecting Block Bots and Visitors that use Proxy, Tor Browser or VPN connection Detailed visitor logs analysis Content Protection, disable right click & copy paste, protect image Geolocation Redirect Auto cancel orders placed by visitors, auto refund, and re-stock.

Key features

  • Block unwanted visitors access your website by blacklist their email/phone/name
  • Block/allow visitors from specific countries/states/cities by different mode
  • Block visitors from specific IPs or IP Ranges; set IP whitelist for exception
  • Block bots and visitors who use Tor Browser, a proxy or VPN connection
  • Disable Right Clicks, Keyboard shortcuts, mouse drag & image copying

Pricing of BM: Country blocker IP blocker


Free to install


  • For expanding shops - pay for each 100 page views
  • Enjoy features identical to the Premium Plan


$3.99 / month


  • Block visitors by email/name/phone
  • Country/IP Blocker
  • Country/IP whitelist
  • Bot, Proxy & VPN blocker
  • Protect Content
  • Geo Redirect
  • Visit log
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