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Consolto Video Chat

Video-chat focused sales app that turns your website into a highly personalized sales channel.

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  • Price: From $10/month. Free trial available.
Consolto Video Chat

Integrations with:

  • zapier
  • google analytics
  • google calendar
  • Webhooks

About the Consolto Video Chat

If you want to increase sales by personalized remote meetings with customers, you need a tailored solution that includes video conferencing, appointment scheduling, live chat and a CRM in a cohesive and smooth package. That's Consolto. Consolto is specifically designed for customer interactions and the entire experience happens within YOUR online store, surrounded by YOUR brand. Think Zoom+Calendly+Intercom in one tool, from YOUR website.

Key features

  • Video/audio calls with you as easy as clicking a button. No downloads required.
  • Live chat with your customers in real time and make them feel valued
  • Take simple appointment requests when you're not available for an instant call

Pricing of Consolto Video Chat


$10 / month


  • 3 Videochat hours
  • Basic appointment Scheduling
  • Active Engager
  • Micro CRM
  • 7-day Chat History
  • Site Analytics
  • 10 SMS Notifications
  • 5K Hits/month


$20 / month


  • 20 Videochat Hours
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Widget Styling
  • 3 Months Chat History
  • Google Analytics Events
  • 100 SMS
  • 50K Monthly Hits


$39 / month


  • Advanced Scheduling
  • 100 Videochat Hours
  • 500 Voice Messages
  • Money Transfer
  • Chat History - Forever
  • Whitelabel
  • 250 SMS Notifications
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