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Make time management easy for your team with a clocking-in tool designed for POS.

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    (Based on Shopify AppStore)

  • 11 Reviews
  • Developers: venntov
  • Price: $29/month. Free trial available.
  • ClockedIn Screenshot
  • ClockedIn Screenshot

Integrations with:

  • Shopify POS

About the ClockedIn

Do you ever struggle with managing your team member’s hours worked? Are you still tracking time using a spreadsheet? Simplify your day to day operations with this easy to use time clock tool. From your team member's side- they see a "punch card" where they can punch in and out of their shifts. There is also an administrative option from this front-end facing interface. Plus, both your team members and admins can see who is actively clocked in.

Key features

  • Existing Clockedin users can be migrated into Shopify POS users
  • Bulk user creation via CSV file upload - allowing for Clockedin only user
  • Add and remove team members, give them PIN codes, and manage their access levels
  • Admin can adjust time when appropriate

Pricing of ClockedIn


$29 / month

Install from Shopify appstore

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