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Build an SMS/MMS marketing list at checkout & send compelling promotional offers to clients.

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About the BroadcastSMS

Add an SMS marketing option to your checkout to capture your customer's cell phone numbers and then market to them by text messages (SMS) or by MMS (image plus text) that they'll see and read every time. You can respond directly to customers who respond (if enabled) or send automated promotions on a schedule. BROADCASTsms is self-managed & cloud-based, which means it has no impact on your IT department, and can be accessed anywhere you can connect to the Internet. Pay in CAD$ or USD$.

Key features

  • Send SMS (plain text) or visually compelling MMS (image plus 1600 characters).
  • Add customers to automated follow up sequences based on selected intervals.
  • Text directly with customers who respond to your promotions (optional).

Pricing of BroadcastSMS

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