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Have your books printed and fulfilled on-demand. Open up a global market without the need for stock.

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About the Bookvault

With Bookvault you can be setup and ready to sell in minutes. Simply add the app, create an account and start building your library of products. With automatic online product validation, you will not be caught by delays in making them ready for sale. Bookvault has a decades long history of producing 1000s of on-demand products every day, so by choosing Bookvault, you are benefitting from the quality standards and pricing usually reserved for the largest publishers.

Key features

  • Quick automated online product validation.
  • Choose from dozens binding styles and formats.
  • Virtually limitless custom sizes acheivable.
  • Boost your direct sales by adding your book titles to popular online retailers.

Pricing of Bookvault

Free to install

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