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Show Airmee Delivery methods and send shipping labels to Airmee TA or nShift Delivery

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  • Airmee
  • Unifaun
  • Uniwin

About the Airmee

This app will show Airmee’s delivery time slots in Shopify’s Checkout. The selected timeslot will be saved with the placed order and synced to Airmee TA or nShift Delivery as a printable shipping label. You can print the label and book transport within Airmee TA or from nShift Delivery. You can let the sync happen automatically and instantly when an order is received in Shopify store, or you can choose to control everything manually.

Key features

  • Show Airmee’s delivery methods in Shopify’s Checkout.
  • Sync label to Airmee TA or nShift Delivery
  • Automatic sync and manual sync for full control

Pricing of Airmee


$10 / month

Install from Shopify appstore

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