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Custobar Connector

Sync your store data with Custobar

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  • Developers: Custobar
  • Price: $49 one-time charge
Custobar Connector
  • Custobar Connector Screenshot
  • Custobar Connector Screenshot

About the Custobar Connector

Easily sync all of your product, sales, customer and event data from Shopify to Custobar. Enrich your customer data with online customer tracking.

Key features

  • Sync all products data from Shopify to Custobar.
  • Sync all sales from Shopify to Custobar.
  • Sync all customers and update marketing permissions between Shopify and Custobar
  • Sync and enrich customer data from between Shopify and Custobar.
  • Automatically install customer tracking to enrich your 1st party customer data.

Pricing of Custobar Connector

Install from Shopify appstore

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