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Format My Fuzzy CSV

Increase your store's products by thousands!Convert wholesaler CSV's into bulk importable format

Format My Fuzzy CSV
  • Format My Fuzzy CSV Screenshot
  • Format My Fuzzy CSV Screenshot

App highlights:

    • Use directly in Shopify admin

About the Format My Fuzzy CSV

Usually wholesaler CSV's come in one product per line. Shopify's format requires one variant per line. Select the column headings and map into appropriate Shopify columns. Sanitizes bad data included in wholesaler CSV's. Works well up to ~50 thousand products. For more, please divide the input files. Free plan allows conversion of thousands of products. Different formatting options available. Always open to user requests and new features always added.

Key features

  • Combine columns, format prices, accommodates multiple image URL formats
  • Save your mappings data and apply them quickly the second time.
  • Group together similar products and create variants

Pricing of Format My Fuzzy CSV

Install from Shopify appstore

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