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Copyt is the control center for your resale business to manage consignment and cross-channel listing

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  • Developers: Copyt
  • Price: $50/month. Free trial available.
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Integrations with:

  • square
  • ebay
  • clover

About the Copyt

With Copyt, sync any other POS system or marketplace platform with your Shopify. List to all of your platforms in under 15 seconds. Then, when an item sells on one platform, it will be automatically delisted from the rest. On top of that, Copyt offers full consignment capabilities with a built-in consignor portal for consignors to apply to consign with you, submit their items, and track their statuses. Manage your full resale business from one centralized platform.

Key features

  • Cross-channel listing across all major resale markets, including POS platforms
  • Consignment software for resale shops with a built-in consignor portal.
  • Robust sneaker database to accelerate inventory management and listing processes

Pricing of Copyt

Shopify Add-On

$50 / month


  • Sync listings between your sales channels
  • Consignment Functionality
  • Robust sneaker database
Install from Shopify appstore

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