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Seamlessly sync your store data with Airtable: products, metafields, inventory, orders, and more!

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About the AirPower

Seamlessly integrate your store data with Airtable, encompassing products, variants, collections, images, orders, transactions, and more. Transform Airtable into your ultimate Product Information Management (PIM) system or generate comprehensive order lists for fulfillment - with our bi-directional sync the possibilities with Airtable are virtually limitless.

Key features

  • Sync products, variants, metafields, collections, orders, and more.
  • Bi-directional sync - sync to and from Airtable
  • Fine-tuned configuration, syncing only the data and fields you want

Pricing of AirPower

Free Plan



  • Unlimited free plan for development, trial, and NPO Shopify stores.
  • Same functionality as our Standard Plan.

Standard Plan

$35 / month


  • Unlimited, bi-directional sync between Shopify and Airtable.
  • Sync products, inventory, metafields, orders, customers, and more!

Plus Plan

$40 / month


  • Everything in our Standard Plan, plus the ability to filter our data in a Shopify to Airtable sync
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