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Contlo ‑ Marketing & Helpdesk

Ecommerce Marketing & Helpdesk in a single platform - Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Web push, Voice, FB & IG

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  • 71 Reviews
  • Developers: Contlo Inc
  • Price: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.
Contlo ‑ Marketing & Helpdesk

App highlights:

    • Works with the latest themes

Integrations with:

  • Aftership
  • Google Sync
  • Facebook Audience Sync
  • Instagram DMs
  • Razorpay

About the Contlo ‑ Marketing & Helpdesk

Contlo is an AI native Ecommerce Marketing & Helpdesk Platform that enables modern ecommerce businesses to boost sales by driving customer retention via personalized campaigns and automated customer journeys across Email & SMS. Contlo also helps you deliver exceptional customer support experience & lightning-fast resolutions to your customers. Get quick access to 360° customer data, marketing campaigns, automation flows and managing customer conversations across all channels.

Key features

  • Engage your customers with AI personalized marketing campaigns & automations
  • Make informed marketing decisions & target customers based on their behavior
  • Gain 360° visibility into every customer behavior, interactions & activities
  • Effortlessly manage your customer conversations via round-robin assignment
  • Instant resolutions on all channels - Email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram & Voice

Pricing of Contlo ‑ Marketing & Helpdesk

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