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Increase your sales with intelligent and automatic bundles, directly in your product page.

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About the Upselleandola

Do you want to increase your sales easily? Let our robots (blip blip blop) do the dirty work. We scan and analyze all your past and future orders to build dynamic and automatic product relationships and display them in bundles to the customer on the product page. Increase your sales, average order values and number of products per order, with upsell, cross-sell and bundling. See how your sales go up and don't worry about anything, that's what our robots are for. beep beep! blop blop!

Key features

  • Buy multiple products with a single click and increase your AOV automatically.
  • Automatic recommendations based on your past and future orders.
  • Fully customizable and easily integrates with your store's theme.

Pricing of Upselleandola


$8.99 / month

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