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CIPIO ‑ Community Commerce empowers brands to identify, engage & activate influential voices within their community

CIPIO ‑ Community Commerce

About the CIPIO ‑ Community Commerce

CIPIO exists to bring together brand communities and data that empower people to become active influencers, ambassadors, and advocates. These communities of brand fans become the very spark that ignites sustainable, authentic, and organic growth. Influential people become trustworthy brand ambassadors who lead other community members to channel their brand love into powerful word-of-mouth.

Key features

  • Image & Natural Language Influencer Search
  • Uncover influential relationships within your brand community.
  • Plan community-influencer-led campaigns
  • Find real, relevant, and reachable community influencers in seconds

Pricing of CIPIO ‑ Community Commerce

Install from Shopify appstore

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