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WOTIO Account Invites Plus

Multiple tools to help you migrate your store, create accounts, build loyalty, and drive more sales.

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WOTIO Account Invites Plus

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About the WOTIO Account Invites Plus

Running our own store made us realize we didn’t want to use multiple apps/vendors to operate efficiently. The WOTIO app provides multiple tools to assist with managing your Shopify store and your customers in one subscription. WOTIO includes marketing AI assistants powered by ChatGPT, FLOW account invitation deployment, bulk account invitations, export account activation links, customer self invitations via our site link, bulk custom discount codes for use in promotions, QR Codes and much more.

Key features

  • Automatic & Bulk Invitations - configurable options for targeting and timing.
  • Customer Self-Invites - allow customers to send themselves an account invite
  • Bulk Discount Codes - generate large batches of custom discount codes for promos
  • Marketing AI - generate subject lines, social posts, and product descriptions.
  • Generate dynamic QR Codes for marketing. Update URLs for the QR codes anytime.

Pricing of WOTIO Account Invites Plus

Starter Plan

Free to install


  • No Monthly Fee. Access to Bulk Account Invites, Bulk Discount Codes, Bulk Account Activation Link Generator for use with your own ESP

Basic Plan

$5 / month


  • All Starter Plan Features + Basic Automatic Account Invites, Bulk Discount Codes (Free with this plan)

Advanced Plan

$15 / month


  • All Basic Plan Features + Advanced Automatic Invites, Self Serve Site Link, Shopify Flow Integration
  • 7-day Free Trial Available -Contact Us
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