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OT | Collection Sort & Manage

Optimize Collection Merchandising and Management with 50+ Sorting Options and Promote In-Stocks

OT | Collection Sort & Manage

Integrations with:

  • Google Analytics
  • Yotpo
  • Stamped

About the OT | Collection Sort & Manage

Discover the ultimate collection management solution in our app, featuring 50+ various sorting options, multi-segment, custom sort type, product group, and lock positions. These features organize and display products according to specific criteria, categories, and fixed positions. Easily highlight new arrivals, restocked favourites, and featured items, while effortlessly managing sold-out products. Keep your customers engaged with in-stock items, elevate profits and enhance customer satisfaction

Key features

  • Manage collections with sort types, including custom sort types/multi-segment.
  • Prioritize new, restocked, and featured products; push down sold out products.
  • Easily lock featured products with multi select / drag and drop.
  • Hide out of stock products with SEO redirects and Email alerts for low stock.
  • Gain insights into your collections with advanced analytics.

Pricing of OT | Collection Sort & Manage

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