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Closeby ‑ Store Locator

The customizable store locator for modern businesses

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  • Developers: Closeby
  • Price: Free plan available
Closeby ‑ Store Locator

Integrations with:

  • Google Sheets
  • MapBox
  • Google Analytics
  • Any Website

About the Closeby ‑ Store Locator

Closeby is the modern store locator and stockist for Shopify businesses with physical locations. Whether you want a standalone page or page embed, we help businesses turn online traffic into potential in-person customers. Show visitors a seamless web experience completely customized to fit your brand and business. Plus, it only takes a couple minutes to set up! Get started today with our easy Google Sheets + Analytics integrations, extensive mapping options, mobile-responsiveness and more.

Key features

  • Easy to set up: Add a beautiful locator to your store as a page or section.
  • Extensive customizations: Select from design options to best express your brand.
  • Beautiful UX: Mobile-friendly, feature-rich and easy to use for customers.
  • Integrated: Sync with Google Sheets and Google Analytics for teams
  • Powerful: Search locations, add custom button, set locale restrictions and more.

Pricing of Closeby ‑ Store Locator




  • All features and standard customizations
  • Up to 5 locations


$19 / month


  • All features and advanced customizations
  • Up to 10,000 locations with a valid Mapbox access token
Install from Shopify appstore

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