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Cloox Address Field +

Add extra shipping address field for Vietnam and Indonesia

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Cloox Address Field +
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About the Cloox Address Field +

Introducing Cloox Address Field Pro, a user-friendly app designed specifically to streamline and enhance the checkout process for Vietnamese and Indonesian online shoppers! With its seamless integration, this user-friendly app adds extra shipping fields to the checkout process, allowing for more accurate address input and reducing the likelihood of abandoned cart errors and allowing you to ship orders correctly, thus reducing your returns and removing customer frustration.

Key features

  • Enhanced Address Fields: Adds three essential address fields to your checkout.
  • Dynamic Dropdown: Dropdown data based on customers selections.
  • Easy Integration: Shipping Field Pro seamlessly integrates with your store.
  • Mobile Optimization: Our app is fully responsive & optimised for mobile devices.
  • Regular Updates: Regularly updated to stay compatible with the latest updates.

Pricing of Cloox Address Field +


$19 / month


  • Show extra shipping fields in checkout
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