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Group Carts & Chat Rooms

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Group Carts & Chat Rooms

About the Group Carts & Chat Rooms

# About Group Carts and Chat # Cartonomy is the fun and easy way for your customers to buy products and shop together. No more messy collaboration over text, email, and outside social networks. Now you can find everything within the add to cart button. We build the social network right into your store, so customers can privately: * Share a cart and invite friends, family, or coworkers to chat rooms * Discuss products from the catalogs and also see the detailed view of the purchase in the...

Pricing of Group Carts & Chat Rooms


  • Group buy / social shopping app
  • Online chats
  • Group cart & group order

Full custom

$200 / month


  • Choose this option if you have contacted us about a custom group order app for your store. Includes full translation and currency support.


  • Save money with our annual plan. 17% off our regular plan price.
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