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MS:Sale and Conversion Booster

Mobile First 5-in-1 App to Improve Sales, Conversion, AOV, and Reduce cart abandonment.

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    (Based on Shopify AppStore)

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MS:Sale and Conversion Booster

About the MS:Sale and Conversion Booster

MS Sales and Conversion Booster is designed to help increase traffic conversion rates, AOV, and sales by making the add-to-cart and Buy now buttons super easy for customers to find and use. Sales and Conversion Booster bar allow shoppers around the site to quickly add products to their cart and go through checkout without friction. The Cart Booster bar is easy to find and helps reduce cart abandonment. The button animations are attention-grabbing and help customers skip straight to checkout

Key features

  • Sticky Add to Cart and Buy Now button on Product page and collection page
  • A Floating Cart Booster - customer can easily access cart from any pages
  • Sticky Checkout Bar on cart for Quick & faster checkout
  • Mini Cart Icon on Collection Page for Instant checkout
  • One Click Checkout like Amazon for Faster order placing

Pricing of MS:Sale and Conversion Booster


$3.99 / month

Install from Shopify appstore

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