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Cartix Cart Discount + Upsell

Boost store conversion & AOV using our slide cart - with in cart upsell, cart discount code & more!

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Cartix Cart Discount + Upsell
  • Cartix Cart Discount + Upsell Screenshot
  • Cartix Cart Discount + Upsell Screenshot

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  • EasyGift
  • PageFly

About the Cartix Cart Discount + Upsell

Cartix is a fully customisable, conversion-optimised slide cart, loaded with features for cart discounts, cart upsell rules, and any type of discount in cart. Powerful features help turbocharge your AOV & conversion rates, and turn your store into a monster cart upsell brand! Add services like priority processing, shipping insurance & multi-currency to help amp up store AOV. Use progress bars with the upsell cart drawer and watch your revenue skyrocket!

Key features

  • Target cart upsell rules with products & auto recommendations to increase AOV.
  • Use different in cart upsell locations to fine tune your performance.
  • Add progress bars in the slide cart / cart drawer to promote a discount on cart.
  • Apply the cart discount code before checkout & grow conversions.
  • Perfectly match your store cart design with full CSS customization.

Pricing of Cartix Cart Discount + Upsell

Cartix Plan

$7.99 / month


  • Cart Upsells Widget
  • Discount Codes Applied in Cart
  • Reward Progress Bars Widget
  • Addons Widget
  • Fully Customisable Design
  • Premium Support
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