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The ultimate tool for handling shipping at all stages with BoxNow's parcel delivery solution.

  • BoxNow Screenshot
  • BoxNow Screenshot

App highlights:

    • Use directly in Shopify admin

About the BoxNow

BoxNow is the cutting edge of last mile delivery service’s. The largest network of parcel delivery lockers in Greece and surrounding countries. Customers can choose to pick up their parcels anytime from a BoxNow locker. For this app to function, activate calculated carrier shipping. To do this, your store needs to be on the Advanced Shopify or Plus plan. If you're on the Shopify plan, then you can add this feature for a monthly fee or switch from monthly to yearly billing.

Key features

  • Connect your BoxNow account with your Shopify store
  • Automatically show BoxNow lockers to customers during checkout
  • Automate the procedure of issuing vouchers, avoid errors and streamline shipping
  • Create, print and cancel your vouchers single or in bulk

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