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Optimize Your Ad Spend, Project Revenue and Bolster Your Email Marketing Campaigns In One Place

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Integrations with:

  • Checkout
  • Klaviyo
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Google & Youtube Ads
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Mailchimp

About the Birdseye

Birdseye has made marketing simple and accessible for all! 1. Machine learning algorithms to zero in on the ads and channels that are causing your sales to soar (or drop), and the app generates automated recommendations to improve them 2. Track active and historical ad campaigns across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and Klaviyo to compare performance and results 3. Build personalized email marketing campaigns to drive engagement, traffic and conversions every time

Key features

  • View Your Advertisement Performance (Platform Wide) In Just A Few Clicks
  • Automated Recommendations To Spend Your Ad Budget & Increase Revenue
  • Track & Compare Every Single Advertisement Campaign (Past + Present)
  • Build Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns For Your Customers
  • Track Every Metric You'll Ever Need To Run Your Business

Pricing of Birdseye

Free Forever



  • Unlimited Users
  • Key Performance Indicators Updated Daily
  • Track Advertising Performance Across 8+ Platforms
  • Customer Segmentation Analysis


$529 / month


  • Automated Marketing Recommendations
  • Central Dashboard
  • Forecast Revenue
  • Track Ad Performance
  • Al Budget Allocation
  • Build Your Own Segment
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