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Bestever Video Review

Conversion boosting shoppable videos

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Bestever Video Review

About the Bestever Video Review

With Bestever, you can easily embed videos onto your site and create shoppable video carousels with a simple click of a button. Boost your conversion with UGC, which provides social proof and increases brand affinity. Don’t have any videos to get started? Commission videos with Bestever and generate TikTok-style videos for your brand and Shopify site with our vetted reviewers. Does your brand have a language barrier? Use our AI-video engine to generate content in your preferred language.

Key features

  • Embed videos to your site with a click of a button
  • Upload your videos from social media with ease
  • Create TikTok-like video galleries on product pages
  • Make videos shoppable with Add to Cart buttons
  • Tap into our network of talented creators to get UGC social proof

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