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Avelon Network

Avelon Network integration plugin. Attribute sales to your affiliates.

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Avelon Network
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About the Avelon Network

Avelon Network is a new affiliate marketing platform with a focus on easy, data driven attribution and fairer commissions for all. Please sure you sign up to Avelon Network before installing this app. This plugin embeds the Avelon Network script in your store, so that sales can be correctly attributed to affiliates.

Key features

  • Access a growing network of individual affiliates and publishers
  • Easy accept or reject affiliates onto your program
  • Retailers and brands can set custom commissions for products and services
  • Affiliates can generate their own links for your products through the platform
  • Create your own tracked links for use with internal affiliate partners

Pricing of Avelon Network

Free to install

Install from Shopify appstore

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