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AudienceZen Customer Insights

AudienceZen is the tool you need to truly understand your customer.

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AudienceZen Customer Insights

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  • Shopify POS
  • Klaviyo

About the AudienceZen Customer Insights

AudienceZen eCommerce combines machine learning and psychology to identify and track your customers' instinctive decision-making characteristics, allowing a whole new level of customer insight. AudienceZen provides personalised, easy-to-follow marketing recommendations through our EDM campaign builder, ensuring you communicate with your high-value customers in the most meaningful way.

Key features

  • Providing deeper insight and understanding of your high-value customer.
  • Easy to follow guidance for personalising sales and marketing communication.
  • Valuable insight into customer satisfaction and hidden pain points.

Pricing of AudienceZen Customer Insights

Free to install



  • Free monthly subscription for a total database of under 250 customers.


$20 / month


  • Paid plans from $20/month for 250-500 subscribers.


$30 / month


  • Paid plans from $30/month for 500-1000 subscribers.


$50 / month

Install from Shopify appstore

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