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Atobaraidotcom extension

Provide management features for Atobaraidotcom payment orders

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    (Based on Shopify AppStore)

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Atobaraidotcom extension
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  • 後払いドットコム決済アプリ

About the Atobaraidotcom extension

#Easy and simple 後払いドットコム order management #Requirements 1. Have an Atobaraidotcom service account. To use the Atobaraidotcom service, you need to apply for the service separately on the official site. 2. Have the Atobaraidotcom payment app installed in the same store, so orders can be retrieved and managed properly. 3. Atobaraidotcom service is only available in Japan. For merchants that use the Atobaraidotcom payment app, this application will provide some utility features for order manag

Key features

  • Match Shopify order ID and Atobaraidotcom management order ID
  • Register tracking number from Shopify admin page to Atobaraidotcom system
  • Download the CSV file for the list of orders that were paid by the Atobaraidotco
  • Batch import tracking number to Atobaraidotcom by CSV
  • Check order payment process logging (error, success, credit status, etc.)

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