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Showcase your products and customizations in 3D/AR to boost sales and decrease returns


App highlights:

    • Works with the latest themes

About the ARitize3D

Transform 2D visuals into 3D/AR content to boost engagement & conversions. ARitize3D is a one-stop-shop for 3D models, making it easy for customers to visualize your products in their space. Integrate dynamic 3D/AR tech to enhance your online store's performance, result in better conversions & fewer returns. Your customers will be delighted with personalized products & likely to become loyal customers.

Key features

  • Initiate the creation of 3D models of your products.
  • Publish engaging 3D models on product pages.
  • Create thrilling AR shopping experiences

Pricing of ARitize3D

Free to install

Install from Shopify appstore

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