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AI TagUp: ChatGPT Tag & SEO

Utilizing advanced Artificial Intelligence, SmartTag AI seamlessly generates tag and SEO titles.

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AI TagUp: ChatGPT Tag & SEO

About the AI TagUp: ChatGPT Tag & SEO

ChatGPT reads your product images, tag and write SEO titles for you in bulk. AI automates product tag creation and product description. SEO-friendly product tags and titles, easy update with product page. Easy AI collection creation with image features and categorize streamlines workflow and allows merchants to focus on other important business tasks. Ensures AI-tagged products for an exceptional shopping experience.

Key features

  • Advanced AI-powered tool for automatic tag and SEO title generation from product
  • Creates search-friendly tags and compelling SEO titles, enhancing online visibil
  • Streamlines product listing management, saving time and effort in manual tagging

Pricing of AI TagUp: ChatGPT Tag & SEO




  • < 10 runs
  • - Al generates tags and descriptions with images
  • - SEO optimized titles
  • - Customer support


$1.99 / month


  • Unlimited
  • - All free features
  • - Filter& Bulk edit
  • - Tech support


$999 / year


  • -Tailored development according to your need
  • - Please contact us for customized features
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