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Kea Labs: Recommendations

Recommendation system with custom-made algorithms solving your business needs.

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  • Developers: Kea Labs
  • Price: From $59/month. Free trial available.
Kea Labs: Recommendations
  • Kea Labs: Recommendations Screenshot
  • Kea Labs: Recommendations Screenshot

App highlights:

    • Use directly in Shopify admin

Integrations with:

  • Kea Labs Search

About the Kea Labs: Recommendations

Kea Labs Recommendations is an advanced platform of personalized product recommendations. Apart from common blocks like ‘You may like’, ‘Related’ or ‘Similar’ items, Kea Labs algorithms are tuned for your use-case. We focus on solving business needs and provide a unique combination of SaaS with a professional solution team. If you are tired of limitations of ready recommendation services, Kea Labs is the solution for you. You get a custom-made level of recommender system on SaaS-level costs.

Key features

  • Models trained on your data, with your rules and solves your business needs
  • Accurate recommendations even for complex items
  • Automated bundles, compatible products and enhanced algorithm for related items
  • Real-time personaliation without storing and processing personal data
  • Profitability optimization with A/B testing, and detailed drill-down analytics

Pricing of Kea Labs: Recommendations


$59 / month


  • Up to 5k products
  • Up to 15k active monthly users


$149 / month


  • Up to 20k products
  • Up to 40k active monthly users


$399 / month


  • Up to 50k products
  • Up to 80k active monthly users


$899 / month


  • Up to 100k products
  • Up to 150k active monthly users
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