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Muromo AI‑Referral Marketing

Maximize your sales and effortlessly connect with new customers through AI-driven referral marketing

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  • Developers: Muromo
  • Price: $19/month. Free trial available.
Muromo AI‑Referral Marketing

App highlights:

    • Use directly in Shopify admin
    • Works with the latest themes

About the Muromo AI‑Referral Marketing

Muromo uses AI to drive sales and encourage repeat purchases for Shopify stores. This referral program tool automatically customizes all content, pop-ups, and messages specifically for your audience and brand, creating personalized connections with customers. With Muromo, marketing becomes easier, cheaper, and more effective. Plus, our friendly support is here for anything you need. Experience the future of marketing — AI combined with word-of-mouth propels your business forward!

Key features

  • Supercharge word-of-mouth marketing with AI for cost-effective results.
  • Quickly set up a custom AI-driven referral program.
  • Tailor every content piece and pop-up to your audience.
  • Automate reminders, rewards, and coupons for all participants.
  • Track campaigns and fine-tune strategy with real-time data.

Pricing of Muromo AI‑Referral Marketing


$19 / month


  • Unlimited referrals
  • AI-designed campaigns
  • Customizable rewards, design & content
  • Supports all languages
  • Chat support
  • Homepage widget
Install from Shopify appstore

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