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Easily add configurable 3D models from Dopple to your store, theme, and pages.

  • Dopple Screenshot
  • Dopple Screenshot

App highlights:

    • Use directly in Shopify admin
    • Works with the latest themes

Integrations with:

  • WooCommerce

About the Dopple

Dopple’s app enables Shopify store users to easily add 3D configuration and Augmented Reality, gives users the ability to easily create realistic 2D product imagery, review detailed analytics insights, and add interactivity features like auto-rotate, snapshot, and custom loading screens. Allowing your customers to spin, engage, build, and customize your products in 3D and augmented reality builds user confidence, creates engaging experiences, and reduces return rates.

Key features

  • Allow users to see, interact with, and configure your products in 3D.
  • Easily map your products' variants to their corresponding 3D Dopple properties.
  • Features include AR, snapshots, and fullscreen mode available out of the box.
  • Automatically capture analytics on how users interact with your 3D products.
  • Adds the ability to capture HD images of the 3D canvas.

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