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Bonify Custom Fields

Tell your story your way with custom data fields and theme widgets that work well with any theme.

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  • Developers: Bonify
  • Price: Free plan available. Free trial available.
Bonify Custom Fields

Integrations with:

  • Google Chrome (Browser Extension)
  • Amazon S3

About the Bonify Custom Fields

Bonify Custom Fields brings together all the missing pieces of metafields into one complete app packed with features. Use the Shopify Theme Editor to place complete widgets from the app without any coding. Change the look and feel of a widget with display options. If coding is your thing, customization is easy and you can modify anything we provide. Are you struggling with managing metafield data? Working with complex types of data is no problem with our flat data import and export tools.

Key features

  • Data imports including file/image imports and all types of metafield data.
  • Works with all Shopify metafield data types and includes exclusive field types.
  • Build out complex field groups with nested fields.
  • Automatically imports any existing metafield configurations.
  • Bulk editors for quick changes to multiple items at once.

Pricing of Bonify Custom Fields

Free for Devs



  • Free for Development Stores


$14 / month


  • All features included
  • All field types & widgets included
  • Unlimited fields
  • Amazing support

Pro Plus

$19 / month


  • All features, field types & widgets included
  • Unlimited fields
  • Amazing support
  • FREE for development stores
  • Multi-store discounts available
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