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Givz Donation Driven Marketing

Easily set up and run donation incentives. Designed to increase AOV, Conversion, and ultimately LTV.

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  • Developers: Givz
  • Price: From $19/month
Givz Donation Driven Marketing

App highlights:

    • Use directly in Shopify admin

About the Givz Donation Driven Marketing

Givz boosts store sales and grows customer loyalty, all while creating social impact. With Givz you can drive sales without using costly discounts. Donation incentives give shoppers a reason to buy (more) now without hurting revenue and getting more $$ to the bottom line. Givz boosts both conversions and average order value. Start using Givz for free.

Key features

  • Give back on all orders: "10% of all sales to charity" (goal: conversion)
  • Set a spend threshold: "Spend over $80 get 5% for charity" (goal: AOV increase)
  • Specific products: "All pink products get 20% to charity" (goal: move products)
  • Coupon codes: "Use code XYZ get 10% off PLUS 10% for charity" (use in A/B test)

Pricing of Givz Donation Driven Marketing

Basic Givz

$19 / month


  • Fixed amount, percentages, and spend thresholds
  • Curated charities, rotated monthly
  • Top off donations
  • Pre-purchase promotions
  • Social sharing

Essential Givz

$99 / month


  • Basic Givz Features +
  • Discount code triggers
  • Handpick featured charities
  • Product-based triggers
  • Scheduled & parallel incentives

Advanced Givz

$299 / month


  • Essential Givz Features +
  • Co-branded receipts & emails
  • Advanced customization
  • Advanced integrations
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