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Carbon‑Neutral Shipping

Welcome to Cloverly, an API for carbon offsets. We help organizations go carbon neutral or negative.

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Carbon‑Neutral Shipping

About the Carbon‑Neutral Shipping

Cloverly calculates the carbon impact of a customer’s order as they place items in the cart using available data like product weight and customer location. Each estimate customers can view the specific amount of carbon emitted from the delivery of their order and the details of the specific offset project used. Want to provide free carbon neutral shipping to your customers? No problem! Every order that passes through your store has carbon-neutral shipping, and your store covers the cost.

Key features

  • Cloverly provides real-time emission calculations in the cart.
  • Your customers will see costs and details about the project they are supporting.
  • Support offset projects are verified by third-party organizations.

Pricing of Carbon‑Neutral Shipping

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