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ContactWidget ‑ Contact & FAQ

Show contact-us form, frequently asked questions, and product showcase as a widget on your store.

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ContactWidget ‑ Contact & FAQ

About the ContactWidget ‑ Contact & FAQ

A widget that integrates a contact-us form and FAQ on your online store allows customers to quickly find answers to their questions and reach out to you if they need further assistance. The product showcase on the widget provides a convenient and eye-catching way to showcase your products, helping increase their visibility and attract more potential customers. It provides a centralized and easy-to-access location for important information and resources, improving the overall user experience.

Key features

  • Easy-to-access FAQ allow customers to easily find answers to their questions.
  • A contact-us form on a widget allows customers to reach out to you faster.
  • The product showcase provides an eye-catching way to showcase your product.
  • A customizable theme allows you to match the widget's design to your brand's.
  • A contact widget makes your website look more professional and user-friendly.

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