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In‑store Shopping Assistant

Use AI Analytics to Personalize Retail for Shoppers. Boost Store Sales with Self-Serve Convenience.

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In‑store Shopping Assistant

About the In‑store Shopping Assistant

What do we do? ComeBy increases sales for retailers by converting more shoppers through their physical stores. We help you serve customers faster when the store is crowded and overcome a limited budget to hire more staff. We do it by allowing shoppers to self-serve using their phones (without needing an App) and integrating with your existing PoS to process the sale.

Key features

  • One QR code scan for shoppers to access and browse all your products.
  • Make more sales by capturing shopper's contact details for re-marketing.
  • Can't afford extra staff? Serve more customers with a web-based app instead.
  • Speed up sales with online self-checkout during peak hours.
  • We collect shopper data, and you get AI-driven behavior insights.

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