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Pi ‑ Come Back Reminder

Recover distracted shoppers back to your online store. Win back potential lost sales.

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    (Based on Shopify AppStore)

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  • Developers: mfyz
  • Price: Free
Pi ‑ Come Back Reminder

App highlights:

    • Use directly in Shopify admin

About the Pi ‑ Come Back Reminder

Come back reminder works with as simple as setting a catchy text to capture users' attention when they switch tabs and define how many seconds the message will be displayed after the user switches to another tab. Choose animations from: - Static text (no animation) - Blinking text (between 2 message lines) - Scrolling text - Typewriter

Key features

  • Select pre-configured and optimized messages or enter custom message
  • Customize animation speed, style
  • Recover distracted/lost traffic & sales

Pricing of Pi ‑ Come Back Reminder

Install from Shopify appstore

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