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Cohorts ‑ customer groups

Create customer segments & Auto-tag customers by items purchased, location & behavior

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Cohorts ‑ customer groups
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  • Cohorts ‑ customer groups Screenshot

About the Cohorts ‑ customer groups

As your business grows, so does the need to segment your growing customer base into relevant groups. Mass communicate to more customers more often as messages can be tailored to each group based on previous purchases, location, and other associated behaviors.

Key features

  • Auto-tag customers based on items previously purchased.
  • Auto-tag customers based on specific discount codes used.
  • Auto-tag customers based on country, region, or zip code.
  • Auto-tag customers based on loyalty like total amount spent.
  • Auto-tag customers based on an order tag.

Pricing of Cohorts ‑ customer groups

Discovery plan



  • Unlimited insights.
  • 10 Auto-tagged customer groups / cohorts.

Standard plan

$7.95 / month


  • Unlimited insights.
  • Unlimited Auto-tagged customer groups / cohorts.
  • Custom filtering and actions support,
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