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CODFIRM COD Verification Suite

OTP verify your COD orders, convert COD orders to Prepaid, and detect COD orders with high RTO risk.

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CODFIRM COD Verification Suite
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  • CODFIRM COD Verification Suite Screenshot

Integrations with:

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  • Freshchat
  • Gupshup
  • AiSensy
  • Tellephant
  • Netcore

About the CODFIRM COD Verification Suite

With CODfirm, you can verify your Cash On Delivery (COD) orders to reduce COD RTO (Return to Origin) issues. CODfirm sends OTP to every COD customer to validate their shipping mobile number and intent to purchase. The app then checks the order's credibility and highlights orders that have a high risk of RTO. Using smart offer/ discounting feature you can also incentivize your customers to convert their COD orders to prepaid using CODfirm. Use CODfirm to massively reduce COD losses.

Key features

  • OTP verify COD orders to validate shipping phone number and intend to purchase
  • Detect high risk COD orders before shipping them out
  • Convert COD orders to prepaid by giving customers to pay with one click via UPI
  • Send COD to Prepaid conversion messages to customers via Whatsapp
  • Send confirmation, shipping, out for delivery and delivered alerts via WhatsApp

Pricing of CODFIRM COD Verification Suite


Free to install


  • For new stores serving less than 100 COD orders a month


$5 / month


  • Unlimited orders
Install from Shopify appstore

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