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Footprint ‑ Climate Impact

Make your orders climate friendly & empower customers to choose which nature project is supported.

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Footprint ‑ Climate Impact

About the Footprint ‑ Climate Impact

Climate friendly offerings will emotionalize your shopping experience! In the check out, the user can make orders climate friendly. After the order is placed, the user can select which project shall be supported. Once selected, your customer can share their positive climate impact with your brand! The app offers simplest integration, fully customizable with multiple languages. Footprint are automaticcally estimated, with a setup in no time. You can fully adjust the design to match your store.

Key features

  • Climate friendly orders. Contributions support rainforests and reduce CO2.
  • Easy integration without any coding and full flexibility. Instant calculation.
  • To increase trust & engagement, customers can decide about the climate project.

Pricing of Footprint ‑ Climate Impact


Free to install


  • Climate friendly orders optionally by your customers
  • Automatic estimation of product CO2
  • Customers can choose the climate project


$18 / month


  • All "Free Plan" Features
  • Viral Social Media Engagement, branded impact shares
  • Color Adjustment to match your store design


$24 / month


  • All "Base Plan" Features
  • Font Adjustments
  • Logo Removal
  • Marketing Material
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