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Cheerlink Announcement Bar

All-in-one bars: Announcement, Free Shipping, Email Collector, Countdown Timer, Brand Image Building

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Cheerlink Announcement Bar
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  • Cheerlink Announcement Bar Screenshot

About the Cheerlink Announcement Bar

Cheerlink Announcement Bar is the app that helps you boost sales, build brand image and collect emails. You can create eye-catching and fully customizable banners that will encourage customers to purchase. You can have multiple banners shown in rotation. You can have different types of banners, including announcement, free shipping, countdown timer, collecting emails, and more. Check out Cheerlink’s latest AI Shop assistant to increase your conversion:

Key features

  • Show your promotion with a customized banner, boost awareness and sales
  • Increase order value, encourage customers to buy more using Free shipping Bar
  • Create urgency & FOMO using countdown timer bar, choose between countdown rules
  • Collect more emails using banners - say goodbye to annoying pop-ups
  • Pause and set your banners live with 1 click

Pricing of Cheerlink Announcement Bar

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