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CheckPop ‑ Terms & Conditions

Show terms and conditions, return and refund policy on cart page so that there are less chargebacks

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CheckPop ‑ Terms & Conditions
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About the CheckPop ‑ Terms & Conditions

You can see date and time when the customer has accepted terms. Customize Behaviour how you would like to show terms or refund policy: You can show it in new tab or popup Just install app and configure it in theme customization page. No theme code is modified by the app, it is using latest app blocks feature.

Key features

  • No Code Required: Store when the terms were accepted within Order page
  • Pop Up Support: Use existing page or create new one and show in pop-up.
  • Customization: Customise the behaviour easily with ultimate options in app.

Pricing of CheckPop ‑ Terms & Conditions

Development Store



  • Free to use for Shopify development store
  • All features included


$1.99 / month


  • For all Shopify plans
  • All features included
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