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ChannelApe IOMS

Mission Control for Operations across sales, warehouse, finance/erp, inbounds, & returns.

ChannelApe IOMS

Integrations with:

  • EDI
  • WMS
  • Netsuite
  • Flat File
  • API
  • 3PL

About the ChannelApe IOMS

Streamline your brand's operations with our dashboards, consolidating essential metrics in real-time for a more comprehensive overview of how the business is performing ChannelApe is the operations data company to help you manage business intelligence, inventory, order orchestration and integration for your brand in one place across purchasing, sales, operations, fulfillment / 3PL, and finance. One platform + one team = better margins.

Key features

  • Manage inbound & on-hand inventory with native warehouse + inbounds integration
  • Advanced Inventory Management. Bundle, presell, reserve, & set expiration dates.
  • Robust order management rules like holds, routing, edits, fraud, tags, VIP, etc.
  • Operations Reporting - Optimize inventory levels, fulfillment costs, and NPS.
  • Native Integration to ecomm, wholesale, 3PL/Warehouse, ERP, Inbound, & Returns

Pricing of ChannelApe IOMS

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