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Cartel: Product Recommendation

Show upsell & frequently bought together products on the cart page in a carousel.

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Cartel: Product Recommendation
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  • Cartel: Product Recommendation Screenshot

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About the Cartel: Product Recommendation

Enhance your cart page by offering recommended products and frequently bought together options. You can also set up your own upsell products based on the collection. You can add as many upsells as you need, which will help you to increase your revenue and boost your sales. The sections can be tailored to your product collections and work flawlessly on both desktop and mobile devices, with a completely responsive design.

Key features

  • Display recommended upsell products via sections integrated to your theme
  • Recommend products based on the last item added or all cart contents
  • Pick you own upsell products for specific collections
  • Works smoothly on mobile or desktop. Choose between carousel and static images.
  • Requires theme 2.0+ supporting app blocks, does not work with drawer cart

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