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Upt:Bulk Fulfill & Paypal Sync

Save time by updating fulfillment of multiple orders in bulk through CSV & PayPal sync tracking

Upt:Bulk Fulfill & Paypal Sync
  • Upt:Bulk Fulfill & Paypal Sync Screenshot
  • Upt:Bulk Fulfill & Paypal Sync Screenshot

App highlights:

    • Popular with businesses in United States
    • Use directly in Shopify admin

About the Upt:Bulk Fulfill & Paypal Sync

Bulk Fulfill by Upatra allows merchants to update fulfillment status of orders through CSV files. Merchants could fulfill by Orders numbers or via variants SKUs by declared them in CSV files. Those files should contain at least Order Number and Tracking Number (if fulfilling via orders), or Order Number, Tracking Number, SKU, Quantity (if fulfilling by SKUs). Nonetheless, Merchants could also use their own Tracking URL to provide detail orders tracking status.

Key features

  • Simply fulfill massive orders with few clicks and a CSV orders file.
  • Automatically sync PayPal tracking info for shipped orders to PayPal accounts
  • Build more trust with PayPal and get your funds released much faster!
  • Save time from edit & fulfill per order to bulk fulfill with provided templates.
  • Boost your PayPal merchant record to reduce and remove rolling account reserve

Pricing of Upt:Bulk Fulfill & Paypal Sync




  • Unlimited Mark as Fulfill
  • Unlimited Create Fulfillment
  • Unlimited Update Fulfillment
  • Unlimited Validating Tracking number on Paypal

Tracking 2 Paypal

$9.99 / month


  • All Free Plan
  • Unlimited Upload tracking number to Paypal
  • Unlimited Paypal Account Connected


$24.99 / month


  • All Free Plan
  • Tracking 2 Paypal Plan
  • Background Fulfillment
  • Fulfillment History
  • API Integration
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