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miniOrange: Course Builder

Create and sell online courses on your store and turn your store into an LMS platform.

miniOrange: Course Builder
  • miniOrange: Course Builder Screenshot
  • miniOrange: Course Builder Screenshot

Integrations with:

  • Flow
  • Checkout
  • Hydrogen (Headless Store)
  • Ecommerce Mobile App
  • Sell Courses Online
  • Secured Course Content

About the miniOrange: Course Builder

Create and sell engaging online courses like any regular product on your store while preventing the users from downloading the secured course content. Users are automatically enrolled in the courses they purchase from your store. You can buy a number of courses from the Shopify store and give your friends, family members, and other acquaintances access to it. Increase the value of your courses and digital products by selling them as subscriptions.

Key features

  • Course Creator: Create and sell your own training courses directly on your store
  • Courses Auto-Enrollment: Enrol users in courses they purchased automatically.
  • Restrict downloading of course materials such as videos, PDFs, images, etc.
  • Purchase courses for yourself, your friends, family, and other acquaintances.
  • Inform learners of their training deadlines by sending them automatic reminders.

Pricing of miniOrange: Course Builder

Free Plan



  • Up to 50 users per Store
  • Create 2 Courses and 2 Modules
  • Course progress tracking
  • Quizzes & surveys

Premium Plan

$49 / month


  • 500 Users per Store
  • Upto 8 GB Storage
  • Memberships & Subscriptions
  • Sales Analytics
  • Prevent Downloading of Course Modules
Install from Shopify appstore

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