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Breadcrumbs Galore

Streamline navigation, enhance user experience, and boost engagement with a lightning-fast solution.

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Breadcrumbs Galore
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  • GemPages

About the Breadcrumbs Galore

Drag and place breadcrumbs across store - catalogs, products, blogs, collections. Enhances SEO with structured data marking hierarchies for search engines. Improves UX with clear navigation trails, reducing bounces. Customize with tracked visitor paths for tailored shopping journeys based on behavior. Intuitive setup or custom CSV. Mobile-responsive design ensures optimal experience. Need more? Chat support for custom requirements. Covers rich schema to usability increasing sales.

Key features

  • Lightning-Fast Performance: Parallel tech ensures zero impact on speed.
  • Enhanced User Retention: Easy navigation boosts satisfaction.
  • Robust Helpdesk: Fast support integrated into your store.
  • Unlimited Navigation: Customize levels via CSV file.
  • Landing Page Compatibility: Works with GemPages, PageFly.

Pricing of Breadcrumbs Galore


$7 / month


  • Access to all Breadcrumbs variants
  • Request for new designs
  • Live Chat + Email Support
  • Unlimited Levels via CSV
  • Tagging Article/Blog pages


$13 / month


  • Everything in Starter Plan +
  • Priority Dev. Support
  • Customizations on Demand


$29 / month


  • Everything in Growth Plan +
  • Instant Phone Support
  • Priority Requirements
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