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Visma eAccounting

Bookkeeping of sales orders, refunds and payouts in an aggregated Visma eAccounting journal entry

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    (Based on Shopify AppStore)

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Visma eAccounting

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  • Visma eEkonomi
  • Visma eAccounting

About the Visma eAccounting

All sales orders and refunds as well as payouts from Shopify Payments are automatically booked in Visma eAccounting. A single journal entry is created that sums up activities for each day. The app also supports VAT management of over 10,000 € per year to other EU countries (OSS limit), as well as Norway (VOEC) and the United Kingdom (VoEC).

Key features

  • Automatic bookkeeping of all sales orders and refunds
  • Automatic bookkeeping of Shopify Payments payouts
  • Creates a single journal entry that sums up the daily activities
  • Configurable set of rules to tailor the accounts used in the journal entry
  • Book different order lines on separate accounts

Pricing of Visma eAccounting


$29 / month

Install from Shopify appstore

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