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Widgetic (Before and After)

Instantly compare two overlapping images side-by-side

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Widgetic (Before and After)

About the Widgetic (Before and After)

The Before and After Gallery app lets e-commerce merchants showcase their product's effectiveness through side-by-side image comparison. Ideal for fitness, beauty, and home improvement industries, it boosts customer engagement and sales by simplifying the product's value proposition.

Key features

  • Add descriptions for each of the two images.
  • Set the orientation to vertical or horizontal.
  • Customize the UI to match your site using our visual editor.

Pricing of Widgetic (Before and After)




  • Free forever.
  • 250MB storage + 25MB/file max.
  • Explore the app and its benefits before upgrading.


$9.99 / month


  • Customize the navigation.
  • Remove branding.
  • 10GB storage + 250MB/file.
  • Technical support (for yearly plan).
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